Version 4.3 of Inform 7 Crowther’s Adventure now released

My port of Crowther’s original (pre-Woods) Colossal Cave Adventure from FORTRAN to Inform 7 is now available in source code and z-machine executable (requires an external interpreter).

Play it online at this link.


Preliminary 6L02 version of Crowther’s Adventure

Preliminary 6L02 version of Crowther’s Adventure

My old Inform-learning project, a port of Crowther’s original 1976 version of Adventure from FORTRAN to Inform 7, is now updated for Inform 7 build 6L02. (source) (download)

I am still looking for some feedback from users before I make it official, however.

IntroComp Entries Posted

The submissions to this year’s IntroComp, a competition to write the opening to a work to gauge its popularity, have been released to the public. It includes an experimental submission of my own featuring sound and music produced by Colin of Stereo Sanctity.

Links to download the files are available here. Voting is open to the public.

(Please try them all and if you’re going to vote, vote on each for its own merits — how much you’d like to see it continued — not in favor of a specific author, genre, or platform!)

Whispers 5 Complete!

I’ve put the finishing touches on Whispers 5, and I think it’s ready for public consumption.

The final z8 file can be downloaded here. (Note to newcomers: you’ll need to download an interpreter like Gargoyle or Frotz in order to run this file.) If you’re interested, the source file is now also available here on the site.

Oh! As matt w points out, you can even play this online!

Thanks to my participants: Joey Jones, Marius Müller, Tom Blawgus, and Porpentine. I had a lot of fun working on this, and I hope something like it can happen again in the future.

Whispers 5 launched!

All right, I’ve just sent the opening scenario to Marius Müller. The other participants signed up are jojo, Carl Muckenhoupt, and Tom Blawgus. The current plan is to send the story around to everybody 2 or 3 times, in order to end up with about 8-12 sections. Should make for an interesting result.

Until we get close to the end, I think I’ll still be accepting new participants to slot into the cycle, just because it’s a smaller group than usual.