Whispers 5 v2 Now on IF Archive

A quick update: the second release of Whispers 5, with some bug fixes — thanks matt w! — is now available for download from the IF Archive.

Or, play it online!


Whispers 5 Complete!

I’ve put the finishing touches on Whispers 5, and I think it’s ready for public consumption.

The final z8 file can be downloaded here. (Note to newcomers: you’ll need to download an interpreter like Gargoyle or Frotz in order to run this file.) If you’re interested, the source file is now also available here on the site.

Oh! As matt w points out, you can even play this online!

Thanks to my participants: Joey Jones, Marius Müller, Tom Blawgus, and Porpentine. I had a lot of fun working on this, and I hope something like it can happen again in the future.